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Welcome to Indonesian Railways Heritage sites.

The first railways development in Indonesia was dated back to the second half of the nineteenth century during the Dutch colonial era, leaving many heritage part of the railway tracks, stations, related buildings, constructions, locomotives, carriages, signaling, archives etc.

Heritage issues in Indonesia is starting to be seen as an opportunity in the source of important benefit to society and economic development, and heritage resources is very important motivator for tourism, the concept of heritage has expanded to include materials such as vernacular architecture, ensembles of buildings and structures, natural and cultural landscapes and other objects that are significant to specific groups of society.

In April 2009 The Indonesian Railways Company has established Heritage and Conservation Department to preserve those heritage assets and to promote public awareness and appreciation towards the Heritage Railways Revitalization program and Conservation issues.

Our goal is to Preserve and Revitalize those heritage assets and through sustainable development programs we are creating values to meet social, culture and educational interests.

We strongly need your support and participation.


Save Our Heritage Railway !

Jakarta, 28 September 2009

Ella Ubaidi
EVP Heritage and Conservation
PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)

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