Test drive of Electric Locomotive ESS 3202 Werkspoor Djokotop


Electric locomotive ESS while still operated brought several passengers from Bogor Station.

Electric Locomotive ESS3201 was one of the six locomotive series 3200 which was made by Werkspoor, a Netherlands Company. This electric locomotive from Batavia (Jakarta) was established by Electrische Staats Spoorwegen (ESS). ESS was part of the Staats Spoorwegen (SS) company which was especially concern of rolling stock, buildings and the operational of electric trains at Batavia (Jakarta).

This electric locomotive was operated since April 6, 1925 and that date was also the inauguration of the first electrified rail line from Tanjung Priuk - Meester Cornelis (Jatinegara).  It was also the same date of Staats Spoorwegen establishment for 50 years and inauguration of the new Tanjung Priuk Station. Electrification of this rail line was done until Buitenzorg (Bogor) on 1930.


Electric locomotive k ESS3201 Werkspoor Djokotop at Old Depok Station.

After being abandon for so long, on Wednesday (18/07), this locomotive ESS3201 was activate through Jakarta – Bogor rail line where this locomotive was operated. Manggarai workshop as a place to repair trains, carriages and electric trains (KRL), was also used to reactivate electric locomotive ESS3201. The test drive of extraordinary train (KLB) ESS 3201 Werkspoor Djokotop went from Manggarai to Depok Station with rearranging the electric locomotive ESS 3201 Werkspoor Djokotop with tourist train Djoko Kendil.


Several workers from Manggarai Workshop check the locomotive condition.

The KLB ESS3201 Werkspoor Djokotop train departed at 11.30 PM, and runs with an average of 60 km. Along the way, employee from Manggarai Workshop, control and check the condition of locomotive ESS3201 Werkspoor Djokotop which was already 87 years old.


KLB ESS3201 Werkspoor Djokotop and Djoko Kendil tourist train just departed from Old Depok Station.

After this test run, employees at Manggarai Depot will be do some evaluations. Therefore, this train will be a tourist train around Jakarta.
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By PDJK Payday jack

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Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands