Removal of CR Madura Wooden Carriage

The condition of CR Madura Wooden Carriage.

Conservation and Heritage Center PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) conserved one of Indonesian Railway asset which have historical value. One of the evacuation process with CR Madura Wooden Carriage (Dr I) was located at Railway Depot Complex (KDK) Sidotopo, Surabaya (April 27).

The wooden carriage was made on 1879 and officially started (MD) on May 27, 1912. It was used by Private Company, Madoera Stoomtram Maatschapijj (MS) as the inspection train. This train was used by Sultan Madura to inspect Madura line.

Photo 1
Photo 2
The removal from the railway line until the truck used a forklift with a tight supervision from Division of DAOP 8 SB (photo 1 &2)


On 1985, this wooden carriage was found at Madura Railway Depot with the mud condition, at that year, the wooden carriage was moved from Kamal (Madura) to Sidotopo (Surabaya).

Lifting down the CR Madura Wooden Carriage after arrived at Ambarawa Railway Museum complex.

The removal of this CR Madura Wooden Carriage was done from Sidotopo to Ambarawa by trailer truck. The plan of moving this CR Madura is to change it into a static figurine at Ambarawa Railway Museum and as an education material about the railway history at Madura Island.






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Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands