Lasem station

In the year 1351, Lasem Kingdom was established as small kingdom under Majapahit Kingdom and governs by Queen Dewi Indu or Bhre Lasem, which still niece of Hayam Wuruk. At that time, she had succeed to develop harbor that become busy port town and used by ships which loaded from local and foreign merchandise including Chinese Kingdom trader expedition.

In XV-XVII century, Lasem city has been crowd inhabited by Chinese ethnic. Beside harbor for docked trading ship from various country, Lasem railway station also participating in trading goods transportation.

Lasem station built in Duch East Indies governance era by Semarang-Joana Stoomtram Maatschappij (SJS) as one of tram company that get concessions to build railroad and exploiting it as transportation tool. Lasem station built on Governor Appointment Letter (Gouvernement Besluit) exact date of 18 March 1881 no 5 SJS.

Lasem station built in 1883-1900 with 70m2 building station areas on 29930 m2 land located in Dorokandang district, Lasem Municipality, regency of Rembang. Lasem municipality locates on northern cost of Central Java with ±13 km from municipality capital. This station connecting Semarang-Lasem.

Lasem station building looks gorgeous with typical architecture variety of China mainland with sweet curve roof, with Phoenix bird image on porcelain plate’s ornament, dragon or god where there is deep acculturation and assimilation Chinese culture and Javanese. Lasem town glories was repeated after railroad building and continuing its development to connect Lasem with inland cities like Bojonegoro and Surabaya

In 1989, Lasem station was forced to close because it has considered inefficient and cannot compete with many public vehicles transportation that cross a road. Today areas surrounding station is function as unofficial truck base.

According UU No 11 Year 2010, as one of Heritage Building, Lasem railway station hopes can be use as trigger to recreating Lasem town glories and railroad network in the form of other adaptation with preservation, care and maintain existence building which synergy on region cultural potential, such as batik Lasem producer region with unique coast figure and interesting tourism potential like RA Kartini museum and recreation beach park.

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