Locomotive CC200

Entering the year 1950, steam locomotive has become antique in line with there is no more production in Europe or America. But then, to change locomotive from steam locomotive to diesel locomotive is not an easy case. Discussion has been made from DKA (Djawatan Kereta Api/Indonesian Railways company) top executive. In that time, there is no person who understand about diesel maintenances and operational. President Republic of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno then agreed to buy diesel locomotive type electric.

Locomotive CC200 are first diesel locomotive from 27 order by DKA (Djawatan Kereta Api/Indonesian Railways company) from General Electric factory (United of America) in 1953. Locomotive CC200 has 96 ton weight, have 3 bogie which is 2 bogie drive and 1 bogie idle. With diesel motor ALCO 244E, four-stroke diesel with 1600 horse power, CC200 locomotive can run until 100 km/hour.

Locomotive CC200 equipped with two machinist cabin in both side so machinist can have bigger view. CC200 body has streamline and aerodynamic looking.

In September 1953, 16 locomotives CC200 has arrive in Tanjung Priuk (Jakarta) harbor and in 1954 come 11 more. In 2 October 1953, for the first time locomotive CC200 are tested by machinist Djoko Soejoto in Manggarai – Tanah Abang line. To maintenance locomotive, couples of Indonesian scholar recruit by DKA and send to General Electric Factory in United of America to learn and study about diesel locomotive for 6 months.

In operational ceremony of new diesel locomotive in 1953, President Republic of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno with some minister also tried the train hauled by locomotive CC200.

In Indonesia railway system, locomotive CC200 has become one of Indonesia proudest, one of them is in Asia Africa Conference in Bandung in 1955, this locomotive CC200 become locomotive pull the train that used to transport participant from Jakarta to Bandung.

In the beginning of its operational, locomotive CC200 has been used to take passenger train like Patas Bandung (Bandung – Jakarta), Bintang Senja (Surabaya – Solo – Semarang – Jakarta), Bintang Fajar (Jakarta - Semarang - Solo - Surabaya) and Jaya (Surabaya Pasar Turi - Cepu - Semarang – Gambir). In 1976, locomotive CC200 routinely pull Senja Yogya train (Yogyakarta – Jakarta). Beside to pull passenger train, locomotive CC200 has once become pull coil steel vehicle. Start from 1990, locomotive CC200 are used to pull train in short line only, like local train Cirebon – Cikampek and Cirebon – Ciledug.

In its old ages, locomotive CC200 has 3 pieces remaining in Cirebon depot, which are Locomotive CC200 08, CC200 09 and CC200 15 with appalling conditions. Looking the fact, train lovers group establish Friends of CC200 in October 2001 and the shelter down on IRMC  (Indonesian Railway Modeler Club) organization. In May 2002, IRMC send preservation proposal to PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero). In June 2002, Locomotive CC200 preservation proposal was agreed by president Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), Omar Berto. Later on Friends of CC200 not shelter down from IRMC but establish more independent train lover group which is IRPS (Indonesian Railway Preservation Society) in 25 June 2002.

In October 2002, locomotive CC200 15 ready to operate. Locomotive CC200 15 can operated with take machine part that still be use from locomotive CC200 08 and CC200 09. Locomotive CC200 08 and CC200 09 that inactive then send to Yogyakarta workshop in August 2007 to keep.

Today locomotive CC200  15 is in Cirebon depot as administrative train and train tours.

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Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands