Bogor - Sukabumi - Bandung

In 1830, Netherland East Indies start to operate forced cultivation system (cultuurstelsel) by Governor General Van Den Bosch. From that point, Netherland East Indies government has opened a lot of new plantations in mountain area with sugar cane, quinine, coffee, etc. Off course to move crop for export purpose to harbor need a big transportation vehicle which is train.

In 1863, private Railway Company Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg-Maatschappiji (NIS) was established. By Netherland King Decree and Governor General Netherland East Indies, Batavia (Jakarta) – Buitenzorg (Bogor) – Bandung railway line has start to build by NIS in 1869. In 31 January 1837, railway line Batavia – Buitenzorg officially operated. Financial problem that faced NIS has make Netherland East Indies government establish Staats Spoorwegen (SS) in 6 April 1875 to continue railway line development. In 21 March 1882, railway development has connected Bogor – Sukabumi and in 16 June 1884 its start to full operating which signed by Bandung Station inauguration. Jakarta – Bogor has 54 km lengths, Bogor – Sukabumi has 57 km lengths and Sukabumi – Bandung has 83 km lengths.

Because railway route Jakarta – Bandung via Bogor and Sukabumi is not accommodate enough so they build alternative route by Cikampek and Purwakarta. This route development is done in 1906 and traveling time Jakarta – Bandung route  by train is more fast than from Bogor and Sukabumi.

Bogor – Sukabumi – Bandung route are serviced by  2 (two) passenger train which is Ciroyom (Bandung) - Sukabumi train and Bogor – Sukabumi train. Follow by Lampegan tunnel collapsed in 2001, Ciroyom – Sukabumi train service was stopped until reach Lampegan Station, not to Sukabumi station. In 11 march 2006, Bogor – Sukabumi train service was shut down because inadequate infrastructure condition. This shut down makes Bogor – Sukabumi – Lampegan railway line become inactive.

Bogor – Sukabumi Railway route lane has strategic values because of high enthusiasm people surround Sukabumi and Bogor and hope this mass transportation can be operated again. It was predicted that it will be very high volume passenger  using the train. These conditions make Government Republic of Indonesia try to fix Bogor –Sukabumi – Bandung railway route. In 16 December 2008, Bogor –Sukabumi railway route lane is starting to operate again. Bandung – Sukabumi railway line was planning to operate again in November 2010.

Bogor – Sukabumi – Bandung railway line has big tourism potential because it crossing a great beautiful landscape. Tour in surround Sukabumi area gives not only beautiful landscape but also historic tour. This is because mostly of that area was built in Netherland East Indies government reign. Tour areas consist of :

  1. Selabintana Tour area is located 7 kilometers from Sukabumi city.  Tourist can see Netherland heritage trail combine with Gede-Pangrango Mountain panorama. There is hotel which builds in 1990’s by Netherland and still become Selabintana icon.
  2. Situ Gunung tour area in Sukabumi. The lake build by Mataram noble, Rangga Jagad Syahadana or Mbah Jalun (1770-1841), in 1800’s Situ Gunung foreclosed by Netherland East Indies government and adding support infrastructure in 1850. In Situ Gunung area there is also cozy inn.
  3. Lido Lake Tour area is natural lake located in Cijeruk and Cigombong Valley. Near the lake, there is Curug Cikaweni waterfall that flow very cool water. This area are open for public in 1940 after Wilhemina Queen come and rest in Lido at the same year. In Lido lake area, there is cozy inn. Tourism area is not far from Cigombong station.
  4. Padang Mountain megalithic site tourism area. Padang mountain megalithic site are located in Karyamukti Village, Campakamulya Sub-district, Cianjur Regency, West Java Province. According to archeologist expert, this is the largest megalithic site in South-West Asia. The area can be reach by Lampegan Station.
  5. Geology tour in Padalarang – Cipatat route. Train passenger can see Karst Rajamandala which crossing from Padalarang to Sukabumi. Karst Rajamandala area is prehistoric relics that have wall limestone which lifted below sea and create a folds. Besides that, there is also Pawon cave which is a place for first prehistoric human discovery. Pawon cave is located in Masigit Mountain Village, Cipatat Sub-district, West Bandung Residence. This place can be access by Cipatat Station.
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Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands