Malang Kota Lama station

Malang Kota Lama Station is the oldest station in Malang built in 1879. The addition name of Kota Lama (= Old Town) is meant to make a difference with Malang New Town Station which was built in 1941 to accommodate the increase number of passengers. Malang Kota Lama Station was built as a part of Surabaya - Pasuruan- Malang route which was built by the Dutch Government through the Staats Spoorwegen (SS), to take the agricultural product from Malang and the surrounding areas to Tanjung Perak Harbour in Surabaya. The building construction started in 1875 for Surabaya- Pasuruan and extended for Pasuruan- Malang which was inaugurated in 1879.

Malang Kota Lama Station is situated at a 429m above the sea level so that the track directed to this station is the steepest track, especially at the part between Bangil-Lawang (±18 km from Malang) where the sloping of the steep ascent track reaches more than 15 miles as to cause the train moves slowly.

Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands