Cilacap station

Cilacap Station is the southern end train station in the Operation Region 5 Purwokerto and is the last train station at Maos-Cilacap line. In the beginning, this station was built as the transport facility of agricultural goods of forced planting in Wonosobo, Purworejo and the surrounding areas to Cilacap harbor in order to be sent to outside Java Island until Europe. Later in 1879, the Dutch colonial government built 187 km Cilacap Yogyakarta train network to facilitate sugar transportation from the factories in Yogyakarta.

The agricultural goods trading was continuously developed so the construction of Cilacap-Maos train line by train company Serajoedal Stoom Tram Maaschappijj (SDS) was continued to Maos-Purwokerto, then to Purwokerto-Sokaraja until Wonosobo which was finished by 1917. Besides that, Dutch colonial government also built southern-cross line Cilacap-Surabaya in 1875-1888. However, in the Japanese occupation (1942-1943) some of the lines were closed and the railways were destroyed. Thomas Nix was redeveloped it Until now, Cilacap Sta¬tion mainly serves Purwojaya train line with Jakarta-Gambir direction and Logawa train with Jember direction.

Cilacap Station is one side station where the emplacement placed at one side of the building and the entrance at another side. Cilacap Station building is a relatively simple shaped, that can be seen from front area as the main building with flat roof and a control tower at one of its end. Building facade is dominated by a series of free high rise columns unattached to the wall which provides grand impression of this simple station. Simple building is the characteristic of modern architecture which was popular in the beginning of 20th century focusing on function and tenacity of the building ornaments. Ornaments or decorations of the building with modern architecture style are located mainly on line-area composition of the column elements, door, window and other opening areas.

Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands