In order to socialize Cultural Heritages which belongs to PT. KERETA API INDONESIA (PERSERO), Conservation and Heritage Department made some innovations as an effort to motivate communities to take an active role to help and share responsibility to preserve historic assets, the beauty of architectural, cultural and social.

One of the method is to sell goods, handicrafts or souvenirs with cultural heritage styles, such as pins, key chains, brochures, T-shirts, beautiful and exclusive greeting cards. Promotion and direct marketing to the public is expected to reach communities in various levels, starting from the top, middle and lower middle class.

This method is predict to be able to reach various class, such as governments, employers, educational institutions and community conservation among the general public. The medium-term and long term programs are expected to various levels can help to actively participate both morally and materially to the continuity of Cultural Heritages which belongs to this company.

Type Description


Brochures / Leaflets of Ambarawa and Lawang Sewu Building with beautiful designs and attractive colors. Very suitable to promote tourism in Central Java.


kartu eksklusif


Exclusive Card show picture of old station buildings in Indonesia with beautiful colors. This card is suitable for greeting cards in a conservation-related event or send greetings to colleagues, relations and friends who have fun on historic buildings.


Pins and keychains of steam locomotive silhouette image. Very elegant for birthday and wedding souvenirs.


T-Shirt picture of ancient buildings with beautiful architecture. Suitable for events related to the preserve Cultural Heritages.

For order, please contact :

Conservation and Heritage Department
PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)
Gambir station, 2nd floor
Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur 17
Jakarta 10110
Phone: +62 21 37095553, +62 21 3516061
Fax: +62 21 37175959
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