Construction within the scope of the railways is the infrastructure created to support the use of track circuit for train travel (both between cities and within cities), including: bridge, Viaduct, tunnels and several telecommunications towers..

Most of the construction of Indonesian railways is now a relic from the era of the Dutch East Indies government which has the style and construction techniques that reflect the progress of human civilization at that time so it has historical value which should be maintained and preserved.

Icon Type Description
Heritage Construction
terowongan_icon Tunnel The tunnel is a copy below ground or mountains that created and used for train traffic. Tunnels are generally closed on all sides except at both ends are open to the outside environment. The tunnel is made through various types and layers of soil and rock so that the construction method depends on soil conditions Ijo, Notog, Wilhelmina, Lampegan, Sasaksaat
jembatan_icon Bridge Bridge is a construction above the river which is used as the infrastructure of the train traffic. Cibisoro, Cikubang, Cisomang, Cirahong, Lembah Anai
viaduct_icon Viaduct

Viaduct is a construction on the highway which is used to avoid crossing a parcel between the railroads and highways. Viaduct which was built this system probably never imagined would form a node, one of the city's aesthetic image elements in urban

Jatinegara, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya

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