Buildings in the field of railways is the building of the railways operational support includes office buildings, building maintenance / care, housing, resort, water towers, signal houses and others.

In the course of history, the design of buildings, railways operational support it shows the architecture of different eras from the days of the Dutch East Indies government until today. Many of these buildings not only have architectural value, but also a valuable historical heritage.

 Icon Type Description Heritage Building
menara_air_icon Water tower
Water tower is a building that serves as water storage that is used to distribute water to the station, depot or workshop. Rangkasbitung, Manggarai 
rumah_sinyal_icon Signal house
Signal house is a building separate from the station made to help operate the system and signal notes. usually every station has two home signals Tanjung Priuk
lawang_sewu_icon Office

Office space is a place to work, place of leadership and so forth. But with the development needs of today's society, office functions has been developed, the office is not just a place to work, but as a means of service activities and providing information to the community

Lawang Sewu, Jember, Padang
dayang_sumbi_icon Homestead

Homestead is for residential buildings owned by companies who are occupied by employees from the company

Graha Parahyangan
balai_yasa_icon Workshop

Workshop is a place used for the repair or maintenance of train, including locomotives, wagons or cars. Workshop serves to maintain the quality of train so that proper operation

Manggarai, Yogyakarta

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