Telecommunications equipment is a set of facilities used to deliver information and / or communications to assist in security, safety and continuity trains operation.

The first time railways operate telecommunications issues are still considered not too important. However, in line with the demands of increasing number of trains running on a rail road track, the telecommunications function becomes very important and needed. Telecommunications system was first done by using couriers to ensure the security system railway route. Along with the development of telecommunication technology with the discovery of low-voltage electric current (electro) then start the telecommunications equipment installed on the railway.

Telecommunications equipment ever used in Indonesian railways :

Icon Type Description Serie
morse_icon Morse Morse is a tool used for receiving and transmitting news between stations. Along the railway line was established telegraph poles that connect between stations. Morse code use a standardized set of short and long line or dots elements to represent letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters to create a message.This line and point read by the receiver at the station of arrival or departure of trains. Morse code is quite complex when compared with the current communication railway system.  
telp_inductor_icon Telephone Inductor This phone is similar with 'intercom' because it does not use numbers to contact the railway stations. How to operate it by turning the rotator connecting in this phone. There is an induction coil in this type generating signal flows back and forth to the board number. To generate voltage signals back and forth is with a detour to the rotator on the phone with sufficient speed.  
telp_selector_icon Telephone Selector In next developments, came a phone that uses numbers, so as to make communication between the stations should play the numbers that match the destination number. Pulses sent from the select wheel, moving the tool connector and the selection is done by each number (digits) are sent in successively starting from the first number until the last digit. Then the selector by selector receives pulses from the select wheel and step by step connected eventually creates a relationship between the channels of one another.  

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