Heritage objects are assets that speak of history will be on display to the railway museum collections. Objects that will be on display can be rolling stock (locomotives, wagons, cars, cranes), signals, tools or infrastructure work (hats, shirts, whistle, shoes, etc.). Museum assets capable of being educational railway history also open space the young generation to love railway.

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), has pledged to provide space for the museum site. We can visit the Railway Museum such as Ambarawa museum (Central Java), Sawahlunto museum (West Sumatra) and an asset of the old railway in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Jakarta). All of the Railway museum revitalization and restoration will be done so that a museum such as the community desires.

Icon Museum Description Collection
abr_museum_icon Ambarawa

Ambarawa railway museum is located at Ambarawa city, Central Java province. Ambarawa museum has the area of 127500 square meters

Visitors can see the station master’s office, waiting room, platform booths, communication equipment, engineer’s hat, ticket hole puncher, stamps, typewriter, antique clock, tables and other furniture, etc. Also, 22 steam locomotives, which became the collections of the museum, were stored and provides 2 (two) touring trains

sawahlunto_museum_icon Sawahlunto

Sawahlunto Railway Museum is located at Abdul Rahman Hakim Street, Kampung Aia Dingin, Sawahlunto city, West Sumatra province. Sawahlunto museum has the area of 1500 square meters

There are approximately 80 collections of railway equipment at this museum such as clock, signal / communications equipment, photos documentation, safety box, jack rail, plant labels, scales and guards bell in the museum. In addition, in the museum yard are several kettle carriages, coal carrying compartments, some touring lorries and two wood-paneled carriages also E10 60 steam locomotive.
tmii_icon Transportasi

Transportation Museum is located at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta city

There are 24 steam locomotives, which became the collections of the museum, were stored

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Photo's Courtesy KITLV, The Netherlands