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Semarang city, Central of Java became particularly important in the history of Indonesian railways. Construction of the first railway system by the Dutch East Indies which starts from this city NIS Samarang station to Tanggung village along the 26 km. The inauguration was done by the first break ground by the Governor-General of the Netherlands East Indies, Mr. LAJ Baron Sloet van den Beele on Friday, June 17, 1864. Once completed, this railway path is operated to meet the public use on Saturday, August 10, 1867. Construction of the first railway line was done by private companies Naamlooze Venootschap Spoorweg Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij (NV NISM), under the leadership of Ir JP de Bordes.

Development path for the railway track is then followed by other firms from the Netherlands both in Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi, to become a network intact as can be seen today. But unfortunately some of these railways are now closed and the only remaining traces and memories in the past that there are railroads in the region.

Conservation and Heritage Center PT. KERETA API INDONESIA (PERSERO) took the initiative to reopen the historic route and has some unique characteristics to be enjoyed by present and future generations in the form of railway history of Indonesian tourism. Tourism is more focused on delivering a moral message that the loss of a system in a region it will affect the social and cultural values of society.

Conservation and Heritage center PT. KERETA API INDINESIA (PERSERO) motivate people to always maintain and protect the Objects of Cultural Property which is an asset to this nation so that the process of cultural and social development in a region can be sustained .

Tourism objects History of the Railways, among others :


Railway Tour


Tour Route



Ambarawa train (Central Java) hauled by steam locomotives gears B25 02 or B25 03 . On the wall there is no passenger train windows so that passengers can enjoy the cool breeze and mountain beautiful scenery for 2 (two) hours of travel

Ambarawa - Bedono (9 km)
Ambarawa - Tuntang (10 km)



Sawahlunto train (West Sumatra) hauled by E10 60 steam locomotive. What makes the incredible sensation and nostalgia of this tour is when the train entered Lubang Kalam tunnel, accompanied by the shrill sound of the smoke and steam locomotive

Sawahlunto - Muara Kalaban (9 km)



Jaladara train hauled by C12 18 steam locomotive will pass through Slamet Riyadi street, the main street of Solo (Central Java), and will stop at several stops in one trip commute, including the creative industries in Solo as batik industry in Laweyan village, Loji Gandrung, Kraton of Solo and others. In addition passengers may feel the sensational to ride by an old-fashioned steam train downtown

Purwosari - Solo Kota (6 km)

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